Now is the Time to

Exercise Your Inclusive Muscles!

  • Did you know that inclusivity is an ongoing effort? 


    Yes, it’s true. 


    The world is changing fast. The attitudes and beliefs that were fine just a few short months ago are no longer acceptable today. 


    It may be because once unheard voices are now rising to the surface to be heard loud and clear. 


    Or maybe it’s because we have better access to data and statistics of those who need help most. 


    Or perhaps society is finally growing and evolving into a place for everyone.


    But whatever the reason, it’s crucial you stay on top of the game because learning about inclusivity never stops. 


    So, today, I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal a membership program that will give you the edge to further flex your inclusivity muscles. 


    It’s called Inclusive Leadership Membership, and it’s the ideal community to get constant support, accountability and education to soar as an inclusive leader. 



  • Access to the Inclusive Community where you can build relationships that are founded on inclusive leadership principles. 
  • Ability to engage in rich conversations that keep you on the pulse of what's happening with inclusion. 
  • Access to private Monthly Q&A Live Sessions with Simone where you can ask anything and get answers to support you on this inclusion journey. 
  • Exclusive invites to join Monthly Inclusion Webinars for the latest trends and happenings with inclusivity. 
  • Membership to the Inclusive Leadership Book Club to grow your skills. 
  • A seat at the table with other executives to discuss burning challenges in the inclusion space.


💡Now more than ever, it is crucial to focus on building your inclusive leadership skills. And this is the right community to do it with.




    You select the membership plan that works for you.

    • Lite
    • Regular
    • The Works



    After you complete your purchase, you will receive login information to the Membership portal. There you will be greeted with more information on your membership (a roadmap to get you started, quick win ideas, and directions on how to take advantage of our ongoing education opportunities). Replays of training webinars will be housed in the membership library.


    Within the Private Online communities, you will receive: 

    • Access to a welcoming community to support you on the inclusion journey
    • Monthly invites to a Virtual Mixer when you can further connect with the Membership Community
    • Get your questions answered if you struggle with knowing how to show up and support other cultures

    Plans & Pricing

    Find the plan that’s right for you...


    Annual Options are Available for all Plans.

    Get one month free when you purchase an annual plan.



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    Private online communities (FB/LinkedIn)

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    per month

    Private online communities (FB/LinkedIn)

    Membership Discounts

    Monthly Webinar

    Monthly Live Q/A



    per month

    Private online communities (FB/LinkedIn)

    Membership Discounts

    Monthly Webinar

    Monthly Live Q/A

    Inclusive Leadership Book Club

    Quarterly Executive Roundtable Discussion

    Simone Morris

    Simone Morris


    Simone is a huge resource to anyone who wants to move towards inclusive leadership.


    The format of Zoom and Simone's mastery of the online learning environment were very helpful and interactive.


    I love the idea of partnering to create cultural appreciation within my community


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    Hi! I'm SIMONE

    Mom, Entrepreneur, Foodie, and Life Long Learner

    Simone Morris - Founder ILM Membership

    Inclusion Strategist 

    Simone Morris

    I found my way to inclusion by experiencing many moments of exclusion. It happened one too many times and I decided to do something about it. I decided to create my own lane (#driverseat) and teach others how to create welcoming environments. I'm excited to connect with you and learn and grow together as inclusive leaders. I promise you, we will change the world together.

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